Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Times fashion internship

You’d be forgiven for thinking that all I think about is food – this is partly true, but I equally spend a lot of time thinking about interior design and fashion. Recently I interned at and lately I’ve been tinkering around in The Times fashion cupboard as one of their interns (unpaid - very controversial at the moment, no comment - I digress), and aside from all the packing, unpacking, handling demanding PR's who 'need that $10,000 Oscar de la Renta dress (currently slumped on the fashion cupboard floor) back in NY NOW' and undignified sorting out of their look book cupboards - I have been knee deep in some very beautiful clothes. The fashion cupboard (or drawer if you compare its teeny tiny size to the enormous grandeur of The News International offices) is far from stylish with boxes, paper, plastic hangers peppered everywhere but among all the debris is a trove of accessories and buckets of the latest make-up stored in organised chaos. 

Naturalmente, my main dilemma was what to wear on my first day (and second and third and...) and I decided to play it safe with a new Whistles double leopard print blouse (I am poor, honestly) tucked into my trusty H&M navy trousers (£20 – see?!) and my Salvatore Ferragamo black pumps (which I got off Ebay and pinch like a crab but I love them), all finished with my gold charm bracelet and gold Accessorize chunky necklace. This fashion malarky is a bit too, well, fashion, for my liking but it was fun while it lasted - back to interior design and cooking for me!

The final cut for a shoot, see the covetable tulle and chiffon Dior dress
in the middle and  in the  Spring 2012 show below.

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